Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Procrastinated and created

So I have procrastinated. And procrastinated. And some more. Then I created this blog. And let it sit there for a few weeks while I procrastinated some more. And now I am writing, still deciding if I will post this anyway (guess if you are reading this I decided to do it!!)

I just can't decide to blog or not to blog. Part of me wants to. Part of me doesn't. Part of me says "why shouldn't I?", the other part of me says, "why should I?" Part of me loves to write a blog. Part of me can't be bothered. Part of me says, "who's going to want to read it anyway?", the other part of me says, "well, I do have some friends - and family - far away who may just want to keep up with our family"

So, anyway, for the sake of finding out which part of me wins, I will try. Procrastination is over...for now. Here is my first post on our new blog. Its title (as you, being as observent as you are, would have noticed) is "All Hemmed In", so named because the idea of being "hemmed in" comes from my all time favourite Psalm - number 139 (which happens to be quoted - if I have set up this blog properly - to the side of this blog). And that combined with my love of sewing/crocheting (which I hope to be doing a lot more of now that I am in Australia - the sewing bit will only happen if our boxes ever arrive carrying my sewing machine in them) which helps me understand that image of being all hemmed in by God - gave birth to this blog's title. When I think of a hem bordering a garment or other sewing item, and I think of God acting as a hem around us, then I feel pretty content.

And since, when keeping readers content, some photo content is usually warranted, I thought I may as well add a few, just a few.

I couldn't help posting this great photo taken of Ian and Nad during our recent time together in Cairns.

And I wanted to share this cute picture of Kirilee on the skyrail in Cairns (which our dear Tasmanian friends treated us to whilst in Cairns with us):

And some photos of our school girls - Ashlyn is enjoying grade 1:

Shiana and her dear friend Chloe (who was over for a sleep over):

And meet Karlyn - the new crocheted addition to the family - don't you love Ashlyn's name choice? It was something else before, but now she has settled on "Karlyn" - she misses her friend Karlyn a lot! You will find the pattern for her (the crocheted version, that is) here (though, as usually happens, the pattern has changed a bit from the original - and you may have to sign up to view the pattern)

....till next time... perhaps...if I spend lest time procrastinating and more time creating....