Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 27, 2011

boxed in....

Our boxes came...on Thursday...finally!!  After having rushed to pack them in 2 days back in early December, and not having used the stuff for 6 months before that, we had almost forgotten what we owned.  The boxes were meant to arrive on next Tuesday but after a pleading call from Andrew, and after they heard our plight (that is, how long it had taken) they managed to fit in the trip from Perth to Albany a few days earlier! 

So at exactly 8:15 on Tuesday morning the truck arrived.  Some 30 minutes later and our boxes were delivered...many looking a little worse for wear -

....still not sure if there is anything missing from that box!

The boxes slowly began filling our living area...piling higher and higher....

...until the fun began and the house spent a few days up-side-down like this - 

...till, finally, after many hours of sweat and toil order was restored (for how long???) -

Ashlyn was so excited to be reunited with her toys which she had not seen for some 9 months...

... and all those books...  WOW!
...The rooms were set up...
...Kirilee got her beloved desk back (a few hinges needed rescrewing)
...and all those books...
...Shiana's purpur (grass skirt) which was made for her back in our training village in PNG beautifully decorates the side of her bed...

Ashlyn's bed is once again covered in dolls and stuffed toys...

 ...Andrew has all of his beloved books back...
...in fact we had to go out and buy another book shelf quickly, to house all the books...
Despite the fact that our boxes were looking pretty under-the-weather, thankfully, nothing major was broken.  The glass jug from our coffee maker, and two photo frames which Kirilee owned and packed herself were broken, and that was all.  Amazing.  Actually, considering the drama we had getting our stuff to Australia (see here), as well as a false Bill of Lading (as our goods ended up on a different ship than they were supposed to), it is amazing that we received them at all!  God is good!  We are well aware that they are only earthly possessions, but still it was wonderful that God allowed us to get them all back - a blessing indeed!

As for me, I am over moving countries - for now -  what with 3 different countries in 6/7 years, shifting many times (and all the packing and paperwork that goes with it)!  Though it is a strange feeling not planning the next trip, not thinking about going on a plane any time soon.  Strange.  And after a wonderful and vivid dream about PNG the other night, I woke up feeling strangely odd that we were not heading back there any time soon....

Monday, March 14, 2011

The dog blogged

Guest blogger today of the canine variety:

Okay so the mrs has got me on the computer.  Like, hello!?  Since when is the qwerty keyboard designed for paws? You try and get up on there, throw the old paw on the keyboard and woah, all you get is adklffffffffawioeusfjldfkallllllwefwlkallllllllllllefaaadkhf jweiu jnbsdk bggggga fdddddddwerouia.   
But, hey, I've been learning pretty quickly that you do as the mrs (and the man who lives here too) says or you're in the bad books pretty quick.  Take that flipp'n beeping thing they wrapped around my neck.  Every time I get  a wiff of a pretty lady prancing up the street, or a fine fellow companion marching down the road, and I want to head out and say hello (I do have manners, you know!) I head to the fence and the rotten collar starts beeping at me.  And see, the thing is, when the beeps go it starts shaking and then take one more teeny tiny step toward that fence line and "ZAAAPPP"  - straight in the neck.  Sends me yelping and prancing around the block big time.  But I've got it all figured out now.  STEER CLEAR OF THE FENCES and you'll be fine.  Must only be a dog problem though, because those kids do anything they like near the fences and I don't see them yelping and running.  Oh, and BTW (Check out that computer lingo - not bad for a canine, hey?) if they put me on the lead and walk me out the gate (they take the rotten collar off my neck) telling me it's okay, then it's all good, and I'm outta there like a dog's dinner.

Guess, seeing as I'm introducing myself to you all and that, you probably want a bit of my history.  They tell me I'm about 5 years old, but I haven't been counting. Used to belong to a kind old man on a nice farm, but then well he got old and I lost my friend.  Sad thing that, losing a friend.  So this man with RSPCA on his badge came and got me and they gave me to another man and lady (really nice people) to look after me.  They were really good to me, but they kept telling me they had to find another place for me (and I overheard them saying really quietly one day - quietly for humans anyway; when are they going to realise that dogs hear things way better than they do? - that if they couldn't find a place for me they would have to put me to sleep.  I mean, put me to sleep???  Since when do I need humans to put me to sleep?  I manage that quite fine on my own, thank you!)  Anyway, one Saturday they put me on show at the shop in town with RSPCA written on the window and mrs and her man and their three kids came and saw me.  They were pretty nice to me, though mrs didn't appreciate the I-want-to-come-home-with-you-kiss I slobbered all over her face (and that, after I made it an extra-special-slobbery-as-I-could kiss and all!)  The middle girl loved me right away and gave me heaps of hugs.  The other two, well, I've got them sorted now, and the love me heaps too.  

Well, I've been in this family for about a week now.  It's been pretty good.  They let me sleep in the laundry on this nice bed thing mrs bought for me.  At night when the family is still up I get to be inside with them, though try and get up and you get this "On your mat, Jojo" happening pretty quickly.  First light of the morning comes and the fella takes me for a run.  Best thing about this place is down the road they've got great dirty creeks, and I head straight in for a swim every morning.  And they've got heaps of bushtracks where I get to run and run and run.  Mrs takes me for a walk later on in the day.  She's a bit slower, though, and she keeps me on a tight lead most of the time, though she does talk to me lots and I kind of like that.  Oh, and she does let me off the lead some of the time.

The kids are great.  The little one thinks I listen to her, but she just tells me to do things after I've already done them.  Like, you know, I sit down and then she tells me to sit and then the best thing is she gives me a great big pat and says "good boy" and is all proud of herself.  Sometimes after dinner the kids and the mrs and fella have races with me up the paddock.  I always win.

Anyhow, gotta run.  Got a half chewed doggy bone just waiting for me to finish it and  soon the kiddies will be home and doing their, "Jojo sit, and Jojo fetch and Jojo come" routine.  I better be all rested out and ready for that!

Psssttt.  Just so you know how handsome I am, I slipped in a few pics.  Getting that SD card in the computer to transfer the pics was quite the paw twister, but I got there:

Here's me - Handsome don't you think?
That's me hang'n out with the girls
yeah, they're teaching me tricks and stuff
This girl just loves hugging me - and, hey, I'm not complaining

Just a charmer

Thursday, March 3, 2011

new perspectives

I noticed the other day how much I like my house.  Really like it.  And it's funny, because I remember before we  left for Canada and PNG some 7ish years ago that there were many things that I wanted to be different about my house (not that I was ever ungrateful.  I was always thankful for my house, just perhaps not as thankful as I could have been). You see, back then I thought my house wasn't creative enough.  I loved (and still actually do) lots of wood and rustic jarrah and a bit of flare, and our house was brick and tile and boring.  I wanted something new and fresh, and our house was an "older" house (though not old enough to be rustic or trendy!)

We are living in the same house now and somehow it is different (or am I?)  Admittedly, we have made some changes - a couple of extra internal walls to finish off a converted carport, and a new and fresh paint job - but, it is still brick and tile, and a pretty standard older style 1 bathroom house.  And yet now, so often as I walk up our driveway or sit down and survey our home I am just in awe of how blessed we are.  This is not just a house.  It is a beautiful home on 4 acres of quietness, with only birds and breezes to make a sound (well, that's when the kids are at school, anyway!)  It has bricks, and tiles and a kitchen and a bathroom, and water and power and so much more besides.

Lord, keep me grateful - always - and let me focus more on the Heavenly Home that awaits!