Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 3, 2011

new perspectives

I noticed the other day how much I like my house.  Really like it.  And it's funny, because I remember before we  left for Canada and PNG some 7ish years ago that there were many things that I wanted to be different about my house (not that I was ever ungrateful.  I was always thankful for my house, just perhaps not as thankful as I could have been). You see, back then I thought my house wasn't creative enough.  I loved (and still actually do) lots of wood and rustic jarrah and a bit of flare, and our house was brick and tile and boring.  I wanted something new and fresh, and our house was an "older" house (though not old enough to be rustic or trendy!)

We are living in the same house now and somehow it is different (or am I?)  Admittedly, we have made some changes - a couple of extra internal walls to finish off a converted carport, and a new and fresh paint job - but, it is still brick and tile, and a pretty standard older style 1 bathroom house.  And yet now, so often as I walk up our driveway or sit down and survey our home I am just in awe of how blessed we are.  This is not just a house.  It is a beautiful home on 4 acres of quietness, with only birds and breezes to make a sound (well, that's when the kids are at school, anyway!)  It has bricks, and tiles and a kitchen and a bathroom, and water and power and so much more besides.

Lord, keep me grateful - always - and let me focus more on the Heavenly Home that awaits!

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  1. And I am thankful for my pile of dirty dishes, and the secure knowledge of more dirty dishes tomorrow - we have filled our bellies again, and already know what we'll be filling them with tomorrow ....