Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the school holidays, so far, in photos...

....lots of photos...

School holidays began with Kirilee's long-awaited birthday party.  With anniversary celebrations it had to be delayed...plus she really wanted a sleep-over, and, well, that was NOT going to happen on a school night.  So the last Friday of the term it was on...

The birthday cake....please do not zoom in too closely.  The white icing is far from smooth.  It's a long story, but suffice it to say that the never-fail completely failed icing I made using a recipe I googled for was a complete disaster, so I had to use the one premade emergency boxed icing I had in the house to cover the entire cake.  And well it was so thin, that it was like almost only one-sided, and every hump and bump of the cake shone through (I could even see the lines from the cooling rack!!!!) in all their glory.  Ah, well - first attempt, what can I say??!!

Present giving time - No, that is not Kirilee opening a present, it is her friend Ruth.  Since their birthday's are only a day apart this party was for her too!

Ready to cut their cake!

Supper/Tea/Kaikai time!

The tent set-up - this was the dorm for the night.

We had a nice bon-fire that night, which we nicely organised a fire-permit for.  Thankfully we did.  At about 11:15 pm as the girls were beginning to settle for the night (well as much as a bunch of 9 almost teenage girls can settle at that time of the night), and as Andrew and I were enjoying the warm embers of the fire, some brighly shining red and blue lights on a large fire truck headed our way.  The girls were soon tumbling out of the tent and giggling about the incident.  I proudly produced the fire permit as Andrew pointed the firemen to the working hose which was right near the fire.  All the boxes ticked.  Yay for us!

The day after the party was an unusually warm one - so after all the cleaning up was done, Shiana and Ashlyn decided to cool down.  They first filled up lots of balloons with water....

...until that progressed to a water fight with Dad....

Planning some strategies!

Shiana has a good plan....

...but she still ends up the wettest of all.

After the weekend we headed to the beach (well Middleton beach, which is only 10 minutes away from our home), to spend 3 nights with the family (my parents and siblings and their kids who live nearby) still in yet another celebration of my parent's 45th anniversary (I think the celebrations are done now!!)  We had a great few days!

Kirilee caught her first fish.  She has always proclaimed that she hates fishing and has never really tried much.  However, with fishing-loving cousins nearby the pressure is on, and now she LOOOVES fishing apparently.

It was even warm enough for the kids to swim, although on the warmest day they were called out of the water due to a shark sighting!!

Ashlyn and cousin Kayla play in the sand.

Even Ashlyn caught a fish (well someone helped her pull it in, but still!!)

And today, we headed to the Alpaca farm near Denmark with Dad and Mum (No not for a celebration, just for fun!)  The girls just loved the animals...

This Kangaroo was just the cutest thing, and Ashlyn adored it!

"Alright, how 'bout a cuddle sweet thing in pink?"

"A kiss would be good too!"

"Alright, I said I was sorry for scratching you a little.  Friends???"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

monentous events....

Something forgotten (well at least waylaid in the far corners of the memory compartment of the brain) when living for some time out of the country, are the celebrations and events that living in the Western world entails (especially when living close to family).  It's been full-on here the last few weeks.  Okay, it doesn't help that my parents have their birthdays 5 days apart and then their anniversary (which this year happened to be their 45th) a week later and that our dear eldest child's birthday falls the day before my mother's....but.... suffice it to say that any thoughts of healthy eating, or any resolutions to reverse a tendency to gluttony have been severely hampered these last few weeks...

A good old drumstick to finish of a great supper/tea/kaikaik (depending where you live) on Mum's birthday!

Kirilee on her 12th birthday awaiting her presents.....hence the big smile!

Girls watching the present opening with happy smiles - yes there is two extra girls in there - we looked after 2 girls for a week (for those that know them, they are 2 of J&J de Vos' girls)

Decorated hall for a birthday breakfast for Dad and Mum's 45th anniversary

The photos were old photos of our family.  They were the same on each table and guests were required to put them into chronological order and to write some interesting captions for them!

Cooking before the guests arrive - Andrew's hands didn't stay in his pockets all morning - promise!

Aside from all the celebrations, (and they continue this week as Kirilee will finally have her birthday party on Friday night - a sleepover) yesterday our girls had their annual Sport's Day.  Thought the day's weather started off pretty wet and rainy, God granted us great weather in the end!  The girls enjoyed the day, and gold even took first place.  GO GOLD!!  Ashlyn was a bit unsure all day, it being her first Sport's Day and all, but overall she had a good time too.
What am I supposed to do, Mum?

Waiting keenly for the day to start!

Egg (yeah right, it's a tennis ball) and spoon race!

100m race - Kirilee is on the far right...

Obstacle course - Ashlyn working hard!
...I did have some photos of Shiana but they were most unflattering, and I think I may have heard about it (in no uncertain terms)  if I posted them.