Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

monentous events....

Something forgotten (well at least waylaid in the far corners of the memory compartment of the brain) when living for some time out of the country, are the celebrations and events that living in the Western world entails (especially when living close to family).  It's been full-on here the last few weeks.  Okay, it doesn't help that my parents have their birthdays 5 days apart and then their anniversary (which this year happened to be their 45th) a week later and that our dear eldest child's birthday falls the day before my mother's....but.... suffice it to say that any thoughts of healthy eating, or any resolutions to reverse a tendency to gluttony have been severely hampered these last few weeks...

A good old drumstick to finish of a great supper/tea/kaikaik (depending where you live) on Mum's birthday!

Kirilee on her 12th birthday awaiting her presents.....hence the big smile!

Girls watching the present opening with happy smiles - yes there is two extra girls in there - we looked after 2 girls for a week (for those that know them, they are 2 of J&J de Vos' girls)

Decorated hall for a birthday breakfast for Dad and Mum's 45th anniversary

The photos were old photos of our family.  They were the same on each table and guests were required to put them into chronological order and to write some interesting captions for them!

Cooking before the guests arrive - Andrew's hands didn't stay in his pockets all morning - promise!

Aside from all the celebrations, (and they continue this week as Kirilee will finally have her birthday party on Friday night - a sleepover) yesterday our girls had their annual Sport's Day.  Thought the day's weather started off pretty wet and rainy, God granted us great weather in the end!  The girls enjoyed the day, and gold even took first place.  GO GOLD!!  Ashlyn was a bit unsure all day, it being her first Sport's Day and all, but overall she had a good time too.
What am I supposed to do, Mum?

Waiting keenly for the day to start!

Egg (yeah right, it's a tennis ball) and spoon race!

100m race - Kirilee is on the far right...

Obstacle course - Ashlyn working hard!
...I did have some photos of Shiana but they were most unflattering, and I think I may have heard about it (in no uncertain terms)  if I posted them.

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