Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"I wanna...

...go back to Lae"  Been hearing a bit of that around here lately.  Well, no one has said they want to go back to living in Lae, not really, but just to go back for a little while?  Oh, yes please!  Why?  I ask the girls that....and mostly it is to feel the warmth and love of the people there.

"Can you imagine," they say, "Aunty Agnes coming and running up to give us a big hug... And what about little Louisa.  Can you imagine giving her a cuddle?  And what would Aunty Susan or Aunty Julian do if they saw us?  And what about Alo?  And what about spending time with Uncle Ian and Aunt Nadia and playing with Jono and Karlyn and, oh, what about a big cuddle for Caleb, and can you imagine driving over all those potholes again?"

Yeah, wouldn't it be nice? But we can't live in the past.  There are always great memories, but over time the great memories seem to cloud the bad memories, until it is easy to idealise any place into some romanticised utopia...  I have had to catch myself before on that score.  Leaving Canada was the same.  It's easy to always dwell almost unrealistically on the past, and we can even do that if we don't move country, and somehow idealise "the good old days."  Thing is, we live today, where God has placed us now.  And more than that we live our today with the persective of the eternal utopia that awaits us!  It's the future that really counts!

So, meanwhile, as we await that future, we continue to be happy with the blessing of the present in many ways - 

Ashlyn welcomes her newest cousin into the world, a beautiful blessing,  little Levi William:


Shiana and Ashlyn loving the blessing of a pet, our Jojo:

Enjoying the blessing of  wide open spaces to run and play games with our dog:

This past week I have been blessed to finally have a chance to pull out my sewing machine (now that I have it again!) and transform this old stroller (which we picked up in Canada at a garage sale for 2 dollars years ago), the fabric of which was breaking, tearing, fading and falling apart.....

.... into this.  And making it yourself means you can make some changes, like ensuring I am able to pull every piece (made from fabric) off the stroller and throw it into the washing machine - hopefully it will be able to stay cleaner than the old one, parts of which could only be pulled off by unpicking the stitching (I only did that once!!!).  The seat of the stroller is removable and doubles as a doll's backpack (I just used the straps from the old one)

Ah, the joy of small blessings!