Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ashlyn is six and a few other pics

Shiana and Ashlyn have so been enjoying having a pony around to ride...
...Just look at the joy on this face, when trotting with Dad:
...and the concentration on this face (she was doing figure 8's around the trees):

And our dear Ashlyn turned 6.  What a blessing.  I can't believe our baby (for now) is already 6.  How thankful we are for her, for her affection, her lovely smile and even her stubborn nature (well, most of the time....).  Here she is enjoying showing off her presents.  She just loves that whiteboard and plays schools over and over again!

As, because of concerns during my pregnancy, I am still required to take it easy, a big party was a bit out of the question.  So Ashlyn was allowed to pick 3 of her friends and have them over on a Saturday, when the girls and Andrew were home to help!  Here Ashlyn is enjoying the fun of present opening:

And what makes an easy birthday cake?  Get your oldest daughter (if you have one old enough) to make cupcakes (from a packet) and icing (also in the packet).  Then get both your older daughters to help the party girls decorate the cupcakes... and then form the number 6 with them.  Voila! Party cake complete with no effort from Mum...

And at least there is something special for a 6 year old to "blow-out"!

The girls also organised the games and here the party girls are playing pass-the-parcel.  Shiana had  written on one of the notes inside:  "make a funny face"....and this is the result.  Precious, aren't they?

On the day of Ashlyn's party, the two horses (not ours) on our property were bought by someone out of town, so at the moment we have no horses here.  Hopefully one day soon we will get another, so Shiana, especially, can keep up her riding....  but at least the party girls (and Shiana) still had a ride on the pony before they were taken away on Saturday.


  1. What a lovely family and the world's greatest dad.
    My ex student has come a long way. Must be the influence of his beautiful wife.

    Well done!

    George and Margaretha Diek

  2. Just spent a good while catching up with your blog, Nat! So nice to see all the pics of the girls and the goings-on there. We think of you often and continue to pray for your little baby. All the best with trying to rest - I can imagine that requires more than a little patience ;-) Much love to you all xxx