Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just some photos

I realised the other day, whilst scanning through photos on my computer (yes, having to "take it easy", means having more time to do stuff like that!), that there are some photos that I could share on this blog, but have not, just because this baby I am carrying has taken over much of our thoughts and lives.  So, anyway, I went through some of them and picked a few (some are pretty out-of-date).

The first is of a little baby possum that our girls found on our driveway a few months back.  It had obviously fallen out of a nest.  We tried in vain to re-unite it with its Mum that night (after keeping it warm and feeding it a little water), even though with the torch we managed to catch sight of her.  However, the baby was getting cold and a wild-life worker came and picked it up that night.  But the poor little thing was just too small to make it and died the next day.  Yes, and that did of course mean tears from Ashlyn, who along with the other girls had so enjoyed cuddling it and "warming it up" the day before!

This was taken way back on the Anzac day parade.  Our school had a small contingent who marched and Kirilee and Shiana are in there somewhere.  The day ended up being quite cold and rainy, but the girls still enjoyed it!

Don't know when this photo was taken, but I thought it was a cute photo of Ashlyn, anyway:

We have a horse in our paddock at the moment which Shiana has been learning to ride.  She is getting there, but the last couple of weeks have been a bit wet to ride too much, and then well the days are busy when you are at school!

Ashlyn also likes to get on, as long as someone leads her around:

And lastly, during the school holidays Andrew had to go to Indonesia for some language training (he hopes to be teaching Indonesian at school next year).  He has had some previous language training, but learning Tok Pisin (in PNG) in between seemed to hinder his Indonesian from resurfacing.  Given the concerns in my pregnancy it was a pretty hard decision whether to still go but in the end we decided he should.  He learned a lot attending a local language school and also just being immersed in the language (always the best way to learn), and managed to take some great photos.  Here's just two of them:

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  1. Great photos Nat. Also good to hear all went well while Andrew was in Indonesia. My French teacher once said;to really learn a language you have to experience it day to day in it's home country. I never did get to France but i think you know what she meant.have a blessed day, love A. Kena