Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 24, 2011

sometimes the heart still aches...

...for PNG.

Mostly, life goes on and we are blessed and happy...but sometimes, just sometimes things pull me back to PNG.  Like today, when going back through some old DVD's I made for Mission presentations.  One of the teachers at school here in Albany has asked us to come in and talk about Mission Work, especially as it relates to PNG.  So I am trying to get my head around what we should do, and in the process got stalled watching DVD's.  Very stalled.  For much too long, actually...

And it's hard not to get tears in my eyes when I hear them singing and clapping in church, when I watch the beautiful people whom we love... when I see our girls interacting and being loved...when I see those familiar sights and hear the sounds...then there is a longing that still pulls me back.  And the thing is, when watching these videos memories of the tough times seem to fade, and it's easy to remember just the good times.

I watch the DVD and I spend a short time in prayer for them all and for our missionaries.  They need so much prayer, so much wisdom.  Life in PNG is not easy.  Yes, God is good; he sustains and gives reason for joy... but, still, when I think about it I do remember all the struggles and know how desperately they all need our prayers!

And then I feel our unborn child kick inside me... and I am brought back to reality.  God is blessing us as family so richly, right here in Australia.  The PNG chapter is closed and He calls us to be busy here in Australia, right here and now.  But sometimes it is good to remember, to reflect and to be reminded of PNG and God's work there!

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  1. Hi Natalie, was lovely to read another post, and although you will have your moments you pine for Lae, you are in Albany and God called you out of Lae to make it your home again:) Enjoy the blessings you have here and take care and hope you are enjoying your baby bumps and kicks. May we all continue to pray for our Missionaries and friends in Lae:)