Our Family

Our Family

Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby pics and stats..

Our precious bundle, Lucas Joel, has arrived.  He arrived at 11:35am on Wednesday, 21st of December, 2011 after induction.  It was 10 days before his due date and he weighed a whopping 10lb 10oz or 4.815kg! (His suspected large size was the main reason for induction - imagine I had gone full term!!)  We are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for this wonderful blessing and love him to bits!

Here are some photos to share with you all:

As newborn, as newborn can be:

He came complete with fat rolls:

Kisses from Daddy to his son!

What a cutie:

In his car seat:


  1. Congratulations! God is good! ... he is a big boy - it makes me feel better about the size of macy ... i was induced early due to size but she was only 9lb 9 oz ... i think she only just reached his weight this week :) all the best xx

  2. He is beautiful and such a big boy , wow! He looks so healthy. If you had gone full term he would be walking out the hospital . Enjoy every moment of him.
    All the best with you Nat. Love to all.
    From both of us. U J and. A J

  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful boy, and what a blessing! We have to say that we really love the name ;) great choice!! We wish your family all the best as you all get adjusted to life with a baby, enjoy!
    Tim, Elissa & boys

  4. Congrates, what a cutie, Lucas just fits in the bassinet at the hospital :)Enjoy your boy and have a blessed christmas with you family of 4 beautiful kids. Hope to see you soon xxx Nat(no e)

  5. How adorable! We're soooooo excited for you all!! Triston's jealous, I told him we can adopt in Japan. Our yard man at Ukarumpa wanted to give us his baby boy, so Triston had his chance once already! Love and miss y'all. Merry Christmas!

  6. He is just beautiful Natalie. So glad they induced you a little early - he is so big. But he is lovely - we hope you are already enjoying your days with him. Gets lots of sleep!
    Kristen and Hendrik