Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pre-baby Checklist....

How do you know when you have a new baby coming in the family...soon???  When you start trying to get a million things done as though it is the last chance you will ever, ever get in your life to do them...  Or maybe it's because it's been over 6 years since we have had a baby in this family, and I am just not so sure that I will be able to do anything else bar look after this little one, when it arrives, God willing!

Pre-Baby birth checklist:

1. Fit station wagon with some extra seats to properly accommodate our whole family once the baby is here.  CHECK.

2. Set up baby room.  CHECK.

3. Pack bags for hospital.  CHECK.

4.  Sew a bunch of bibs. CHECK......

5. Sew a couple of baby swaddling blankets.  CHECK.  I wanted a nice neutral baby colour, but it was either blue or pink.  Since I could not imagine a boy in pink, but I can do the girl in blue...blue it was!  And that's a doll, by the way.

6.  Colour hair and get a haircut.  CHECK......

 7.  Finish off a dress for Ashlyn using some left-over materials from another dress I sewed previously....


....  okay there is more but there is only one last thing I really want to check off....

8.  Get through labour.  UNCHECK!!!  If there is one thing that 6 years doesn't do, it's diminish the memory of labour!  And I still have to get through a few weeks of waddling and plodding around before I even to get through that part of the checklist...

Excitement, trepidation, joy, anticipation, nerves all rolled into one...


  1. Praying all goes well under God's love and care. Love Uncle John and aunt johanna.

  2. Yep, whenever I see Ashlyn (saw her at school this week) she tells me how long you have to go! :-) So cute, she sure is exited.
    Hope your labour is a positive and peaceful experience!

  3. some one is nesting! Good idea to get the hair done, looks good. im sitting here with terrible hair, haven't had it cut for at least 7 months.

  4. haha - yep, do you ever forget labour?! All the very best Nat when your time comes, hope it goes well. And I hope it is not too far away for you:) and btw - your hair looks great - as does all your sewing!!
    Carolyn R

  5. Wishing you all the best in your last weeks. Hope and pray all goes well during delivery. Enjoy this very exciting time :) xx Sandra

  6. I wanted to say a comment but got distracted first by reading the others... then I saw one with my name below it! As I am told I am a techno-dinosaur (I do not have a mobile phone), I am not sure what the btw means.

    Anyway, I do pray that all goes smoothly for you, and enjoy the experience. The Lord willing, we will soon be welcoming a new little babe.

    Carolyn Rule

  7. Okay, I thought the Carolyn R was you too (BTW, BTW means By The Way!), so now I am confused.... I do know one other Carolyn R in Albany - a sister of my sister-in-law, Rita....Maybe someone will need to identify them self (That's if you even read the follow-up comments :))) And just in case you do - thank you all so much for your comments. I do appreciate them!

  8. Cheering you on all the way, Nat!