Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Since the last update....

two weeks of swimming lessons at the beach * cuddles for baby * two happy girls (Shiana and Ashlyn) passed stage 12 and 4 * some sleepless nights * sister Kirilee didn't do them * some good nights * flying visit from Grandpa and Grandma VanderHeide * lots of cuddles for Lucas - boy, we all love this boy! * more sleepless nights - does this boy know that 1-2 hourly nightly feeds does NOT equal happy mummy? * Daddy's birthday - family over at night * Lucas' first smile - what a cutey! * school shopping done * some 4hr stretches at night even did a 5hr one! * Lucas' first fishing trip with us - caught 2 skippy at the town jetty * lost the sleep thing again at night * sigh *  chips/fries in the park * only woke up twice in the night!* what will tomorrow bring...mmmm?*

This is disjointed just like my baby brain at the moment... do you get the general idea?  We had a wonderful holiday, and we are adjusting to a newborn in the house, this little man Lucas who we love so much, even when he keeps his Mum awake at night.  Tomorrow is back to school and that means all those extra hands are gone - they have been so wonderful in occupying, soothing and settling Lucas.  What will I do without them?

I know what I need to do - make the most of these moments, even when all our dear boy wants is mummy cuddles.  I know they go so fast...I know, I know!

Cuddling in Ashlyn's bed!

aaww - don't you just love baby hands?

Cute Lucas in blue!

More cuddles

Daddy loves his son!

This boy just loves his capsule!

Okay this face is not a reflection of his love for his Grandma - it was just a bad time of the day and his dear Grandma was doing her best to provide some comfort

chatting to Grandpa

Loving my bath - not sure who is having the best time - Lucas or Grandpa and Grandma?

More kisses and cuddles!

We love this boy!

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  1. Gorgeous photos Nat!! Looks like you have plenty of big helpers for Lucas. Hope that it goes okay when the children are back to school...enjoy catching up on some extra cuddles when all the children are not around. Take care. Love Claire xx