Our Family

Our Family

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lucas talks...

...or is that Lucas' talk?  Whatever.  It's cute.  We think so.


If you could understand him (as we do), he'd be telling you that he's been trying real hard at night to be good and most times accomplishes only getting Mum up once a night (though sometimes still taking great delight in seeing if he can break night-time awakening records!)  He'd also tell you that he loves to interact and talk and smile and is very sociable.  He'd tell you that he loves to suck his hands and to watch any movement around him.  He'd tell you that he dislikes sleeping in the day time and tries really hard to make his naps as short as possible, except when he wings a looong (couple of hour) sleep from time to time (just to keep Mum sane).  He'd tell you that he's accomplished going off to sleep on his own in the day time (most of the time) with minimal crying (sometimes just talking) and without needing feeding or rocking.  He'd also tell you that at night he is always so tired that he feeds himself to sleep (and that his mum is quite happy with that, because by night time she is always just ready to have him in bed :) ).  He'd tell you that his sisters still argue about him and that his Dad has to fight for his fair share of cuddles too!  He'd tell you that his family love him to bits and are so thankful for him (even when feeling a little overwhelmed at times by the amount of work he takes!)....  

...and you'll have to trust this translation of his little speech as there is no google translator for Lucas' talk!