Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lucas 7 ways

Yes I know that the title seems as little like a menu item at a classy restaurant (...you know, "Duck 3 ways"), and although sometimes I think that Lucas is so cute and delicious that he is almost "edible", this title actually refers to the abundance of "baby props" I seem to have inherited or "scavenged"  from some garage sales.  And they are all sooooh handy in keeping our growing boy entertained.

From a Bumbo seat...
..to a Jolly Jumper

...the floor...

...the bouncer...

...the highchair...(that boy loves his peas!!)

...the walker (used on its frame, so he can't roll around)...

...and the swing!

Incredible how having a baby suddenly fills your house with so much gear!

You can't see it on these photos but our 5 month old boy is sporting two teeth, which he handled like a champion (just a little bit of extra grumpiness and a some extra night wakings).  I had been wondering what the extra bucket-loads of slobber were all about!

Some cute shots

A month late, but still some photos taken by my talented niece, Jessica.  She takes great photos and has a blog which shows off some of them.  See here if you want to see more!

Isn't our boy just adorable?