Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reacting to Hassling

Okay, so Kirilee has been hassling me and hassling me to do some blogging. I, on the other hand, am quite sort of okay with getting rather lax and getting further and further behind. There are other things to do besides sharing stories in cyberspace, right?  However, since she dutifully went to all the effort of reducing some photos and putting them into a draft post, I guess I have no reasonable excuse not to blog.

Recently, well kind of recently... anyway, it would have been recently had I blogged within an appropriate time frame... we were blessed to have Rodney (my brother) and Anita and family visit from Canada.  It was the first time in about 8 years that we have been together as the entire family and so naturally that calls for some photos...  I claim no credit for the following 5 photos and give all due credit to my talented niece, Jessica, for them.

All of the Family together

Our Family

Hannah, Aimee, Ashlyn, Keira and Kayla...
Five Cousins

The Three Youngest Grand-kids
(Liam, Lucas and Levi)

The next photos are courtesy of the aforementioned hassler herself...

Dinner out our Place

We took a hike with the whole family to Point Possession - a great walk, except Lucas was feeling a bit sick and cried almost the whole way there.  Thankfully on the way back he slept the whole way - much more pleasant!
A  Gorgeous View 

Lucas being carried by his Daddy 

Taking a rest after climbing up a steep hill

A View From the Other Side

It was a Gorgeous Beach


...and running away from the waves...

Duty done.  Hassling finished... for now.  Now it's back to reality...  Housework.. can that be tackled in cyberspace?