Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Don't you love the world of cyberspace and the digital photo? It's good for people like me...who have great and grand plans to make a nice photo Christmas card to send out...then we don't get around to taking the family photo till the Sunday before Christmas. Oops too late to get it printed and sent out to arrive by Christmas. In comes the cyberspace/digital photo world to the rescue. And, voila, here is a (personal/heartfelt)Christmas greeting from our family to you, exactly on time (well even early if you live in the Northern Hemisphere). That's if it doesn't get lost in cyberspace!

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lucas' Birthday - an update by Kirilee

Kirilee apparently gets very tired of waiting for me to update this blog, so today she calmly told me that she had done it for me - writing and all.  So here is her contribution to the blogosphere:

Recently, on the 21st of December, we celebrated Lucas' first Birthday. His first year went so quickly, the months just flew. He is a wonderful addition to the family and we all love him very, very much. We are so privileged to have him as a son and brother. What a great blessing from our Awesome Father. Below are pictures of him growing up.

The first picture that we had of Lucas. He was already gorgeous!:)  
December 2011-Lucas still in hospital.
January-Already looking so much more grown up.
February- Awww...nice and comfortable on daddy. 
March- At four months old, he was no longer a new born, although he was just as cute.
April- Jessica came around and took some gorgeous photos of  him. 
May- Looking like a big boy:) 

June- Lucas just learnt how to drink out of a cup all by himself!
July-Can you see my teeth?
August- Our adorable little Tin-tin. :)
September- He just loves chocolate biscuits...

October- Already 10 months old! 

November- Playing with cars, an all time favorite.
And  to December 2012- Already making a mess of Daddy's garden...

We celebrated Lucas' Birthday at the Emu Point with some friends and family. He didn't really understand what was happening-the presents and all. But today he had a lot of fun playing with all his new toys. Here are some pictures of the big day:
Lucas on one of his new toys.
Lucas and his new toys at the beach. This boy loooves books!
The Cake - made by Mum!
The Birthday Boy...with blue icing from the cake. :) 
We had a great day, and Lucas did too. We thank the Lord every day again for placing him in our family.