Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lucas' Birthday - an update by Kirilee

Kirilee apparently gets very tired of waiting for me to update this blog, so today she calmly told me that she had done it for me - writing and all.  So here is her contribution to the blogosphere:

Recently, on the 21st of December, we celebrated Lucas' first Birthday. His first year went so quickly, the months just flew. He is a wonderful addition to the family and we all love him very, very much. We are so privileged to have him as a son and brother. What a great blessing from our Awesome Father. Below are pictures of him growing up.

The first picture that we had of Lucas. He was already gorgeous!:)  
December 2011-Lucas still in hospital.
January-Already looking so much more grown up.
February- Awww...nice and comfortable on daddy. 
March- At four months old, he was no longer a new born, although he was just as cute.
April- Jessica came around and took some gorgeous photos of  him. 
May- Looking like a big boy:) 

June- Lucas just learnt how to drink out of a cup all by himself!
July-Can you see my teeth?
August- Our adorable little Tin-tin. :)
September- He just loves chocolate biscuits...

October- Already 10 months old! 

November- Playing with cars, an all time favorite.
And  to December 2012- Already making a mess of Daddy's garden...

We celebrated Lucas' Birthday at the Emu Point with some friends and family. He didn't really understand what was happening-the presents and all. But today he had a lot of fun playing with all his new toys. Here are some pictures of the big day:
Lucas on one of his new toys.
Lucas and his new toys at the beach. This boy loooves books!
The Cake - made by Mum!
The Birthday Boy...with blue icing from the cake. :) 
We had a great day, and Lucas did too. We thank the Lord every day again for placing him in our family. 


  1. Natalie, you have a baby boy!!!!!!
    (obviously I haven't checked your blog for waaaaay too long)... Praising God with you for such an amazing gift!!!!