Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Frenchman's Bay

Here again...wow... I'm even impressed with my self and that takes a bit of doing. (Must admit, though, that my dear eldest daughter has pushed me along by sorting and uploading all the photos.  She heads back to school soon.....In case you, by now, are really expecting this trend to continue)

On Monday, being a public holiday and all, we went out to Frenchman's Bay with some other family members...It was a gorgeous day with great weather....

The beautiful beach

                                                   Lucas had a great time (aka: making a mess)

Our lunch...(well, along with mounds of some wholesome and healthy fruit and salad items)

                                                            Shiana posing for the camera

After lunch some of the older kids decided to play a game of volley-ball with this ball...
and lines in the sand marking the "net".  It kind of worked, well they had a lot of fun anyhow, and that's what counts, right?

The younger kids entertained themselves in various ways....on the canoes and swimming in the water...

                             Ashlyn and Nathan swimming/running through the water and sea-weed.

Some of the older kids also decided to commute themselves (by water) to a rather high rock a fair distance away where they proceeded to run and jump off it into the water.  All was good and well until we spied them and started imagining all kinds of horrific possible head injuries and accidents (those kinds that kids just don't think about).  So the dutiful fathers commuted (by land) to the aforementioned rock and generously told them they could all have one more jump under their watchful eye (which apparently prevents slipping and sliding???) and then that was it.

aah, 'twas a good day...  school time is approaching far too quickly.


  1. Nice reading your dribble Nat!! You could have shared some of your language skills with me.