Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Okay...so here it is...it's a new year (has been for almost a month already, I know) and I am back.  See the thing is, like so many others (yeah, I read other blogs :) ) I have made my mind to try and blog more often.  I often have blog posts going through my head but they never seem to make it to the screen.  Why not? Just because they don't.

Mostly I reason with myself that blogging isn't important and so it goes on to the backest back burner there is.  And it's true, in the broad scheme of life, blogging is very unimportant.  Sure it is a way to keep up with family and friends, but there are many other (probably much better) ways of doing that.  So no, it's not important, so it really is okay if it stays on the backest back burner...but...

I do like to write (actually it's type nowadays...use words, whatever) but I mostly don't sit and do it because it means other IMPORTANT things are not happening... but really blogging is one of those ways I can write, while in the process convincing myself that I am doing so to keep in touch/connected etc, etc with my family and friends.  And thus, blogging = enjoyment without guilt (well sometimes a little guilt, but reduced guilt anyhow).

Make sense?  More than likely not.  But here's to.... trying.to.blog.more.

Or not?

We'll see...

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