Our Family

Our Family

Monday, January 28, 2013

on the right track...

I am here and so soon after the last post. So far the resolution is working...

Just been going through old (yes, rather old when talking in day-by-day recent events) photos and found some pre-summer holidays photos...

When Ian and Nad were in Albany...'twas so good to catch up.

Here the kids are getting reacquainted (didn't take long) 

                                                 Shiana and Jono-Buddies from way back...
                                                            They had a lot of fun together!

 Kirilee loves taking pics...

Talking outside
                                                            Ashlyn and Caleb in the cubby
                                            Benjamin and Lucas...Check out the size difference:)

While they were here, Ashlyn also had a culture day at school. All the students dressed up as someone from another country. Ashlyn dressed up as if she was from Papua New Guinea, of course! Jono and Karlyn also came into school that day and joined in with the PNG dressing up...

Ashlyn all dressed up like a Papua New Guinean
Ashlyn, Jono and Karlyn at school. I made Jono's wig for Ashlyn, but she hated it.  Thanks, Jono, for loving it being so kind and wearing it all day (just to make me feel better)!

We could celebrate Nadia's birthday while she was here...and what better way to celebrate than out for a meal with friends.  Good food, good company and lots of laughter.  Friends are such a blessing.


aah.. blog done and dusted for another day/week/month....


  1. That's SOOOO much better, Nat! well done, & thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing Nat. great to see the Alkemas again! we miss them!

  3. @Mum...I will keep trying!
    @Steph...We enjoy having them here...Your loss is our gain! I still keep up with your blog BTW.