Our Family

Our Family

Monday, February 11, 2013

Our New Little Invention

So...a while ago Andrew found a garden-cart on the side of the rode, during curbside garbage pick-up time. He took it home to see what could be done with it.   For a while, the girls played around with it...but then Lucas decided that he wanted to have a go. But, hey, it was a throw-out, so it was hardly a Rolls Royce anymore. The cage had come off and the base that was left was rusty, and the edges were sharp.  Hardly fit for a toddler.

So into the shed for a solution hunt.  Ah, sheds are great for finding solutions to these kind of problems.  There on the shelf sat an old (as in elderly, not broken) booster seat/high chair, which had been upgraded unused and dejected.  Actually, come to think of it, it too was a curbside pick up from way back in our Canadian days.  Magnolia drive to be exact.  3 doors up from our old abode.  It's seen the world, having worked for our family in PNG as well.

So with all due care we un-dejected it and used it again.  It was restored to its former glory, perhaps exceeded its former glory in this way...

Here goes HRH King Lucas surveying his grounds with his trusty gardener (who he mustn't pay very well, as it appears that he can't afford a shirt)...

   even offering the occasional helping hand...
...but mostly pretty happy to lay back and relax...

The bricks on the back were an Ashlyn request, as she felt neglected and in need of a seat, while the tiles in the front protect the aforementioned royal's toes.

And, BTW, I wish I could say that the smudge thing happening on the center left of each photos is some new and up and coming photography skill, but alas it is not so.  It's the too-many-kids-handling-my-trusty-camera-and-putting-smudgy-fingers-on-the-lens syndrome.  My apologies.


  1. Cute Nat!! Hope King Lucas enjoys many hours outside with Dad in his golden carriage :)

  2. too cute! Won't be long and he will be pushing others around :)