Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

yeah I know everyone does this...

It's the boring back-to-school post...feel free to exit now :) 

Actually, on Monday morning, as we drove to school one of the girls informed me that if they finished their first day of school for 2013 then it was the longest they had ever continuously been in one school.  Their previous record was at the second school they attended in PNG - TISOL - where they spent 2 and 1/2 years. They had also spent time in another scho0ol in PNG, and time in Timothy Christian School in Hamilton, Canada, as well as smaller stints in between in their current school in Albany. So the end of Monday morning at JCS in Albany marked 2 and 1/2 years and 1 day at their current school - the new record!

Every now and then we suggest to the girls that we should move.  It is done somewhat in jest, but also I think that we are, in some way, subtly trying to keep the idea alive, not that we are planning a move, but we would love our girls to still be open to the idea of moving, so that they understand that Albany is not the be all and end all of the world. Yeah, I know.  I'm rambling.  You would think that we, with all our moves, would already understand that there are other important places in the world to live...but it's so easy to slip back into the "i'm-happy-where-I-am-and-the-Lord-is-not-going-to-send-me-anywhere-else-and-that-is-that" mode.

Albany is a great place to live, and a great place where we can serve the Lord, but it is good to remember that the journey to our Eternal Destination (our true home) may sometimes involve physical moves in this life, if the Lord requires that of us, and we should never be completely closed to the idea. 

But, for now, I will cut our girls some slack. I do understand their heartfelt: "Dad and Mum, you are not moving us again.  We. are. NOT. going.  We have just settled into school here.  Please can we just stay here for a while???"  Settled is good.  Being restless all the time can be a danger, too. It is good to be content where we are.  And we are content.  There is lots of work, Kingdom work, from day-to-day that can be done in this (and every) part of the world.  And for all of us the challenge is to be focused on our Eternal Destination as we live in our Earthly home...wherever that is.

As this was supposed to be a post about back-to-school it would, naturally, be incomplete without photos:

All three girls together...Kirilee (year 9), Shiana (year 7) both in High school now, and Ashlyn (year 3)





  1. Beautiful smiles for the first day...
    xx Carolyn Rule

  2. ...we might need teachers here in Caledonia possibly...and there is one family here who would love to see you all....just wishful thinking I know...love R and A and co