Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Facial Expressions...

Lucas is the king of facial expressions, and his sisters love to capture them on camera:

                                                       Doing something funny with his eyes

                                                                       The Cheeky Grin

         Oh dear...Ashlyn fell off her roller blades...This is his way of showing some sympathy - he hates it when others cry and always decided to join them!


                                                                   ...The dribble face

                                                       Help me -I want to come off!!

                                                                      What's up there?

                                                  Always up and about, but refusing to walk...

                                                                             haha :)

                                                         Am I allowed to touch this?

The dog's food bowl-something Lucas loves (quite enjoying the contents of the bowl for an occasional snack, too)

                                                              What a gorgeous boy!

Well, that's it from here this time...

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