Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, April 21, 2013

dresses and some bla bla...

So Kirilee's had this post ready for ages, that is, she's dutifully added the photographs ready for me to add my bla bla blurb.  But I've kind of resisted, as posting this post means adding a dreaded photo of myself.  Kirilee took the photos of me a little while back, and I told her to get some nice shots, knowing deep down that whatever she took I wasn't going to be happy with them.  Problem?  Me, on them.  My vanity and pride can't handle the extra bits and obvious flaws that photos reveal and seem to throw in my face. Oh, to still the pride of my heart and to keep reminding myself that working on prettying up that pride-filled heart inside of me is of far more worth!

Well the purpose of this post is to share a pattern with you, that we have really loved.  It's very versatile and would be a great addition to anyone's collection of patterns...  It is a McCalls pattern number M6031 - easy, and full of different options.  Here are two of them (similar, but the front - underneath the band - is different):

..and the other one...

...and just some more photos for good measure...

I am happy to put up photos of my kids :)  

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  1. Beautiful ladies, and beautiful dresses! I will have to look that pattern up. I can't believe how grown up your eldest girls are looking these days... time flies :)