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Our Family

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kirilee's Birthday Party

A couple of Saturdays ago we did get around to hosting a birthday party in Kirilee's honour ...aah, that makes an idea to fill another blog post...

Her whole class was invited (though a number could not make it) and between consuming lots of food and drink they enjoyed many games too.  The all -time favourite game was the bidding-for-food game.  It was an absolute hit (thanks for the recommendation, family members).  Just in case you want to know how it works... 

Before the day of the party I filled 10 or so containers (from emptied yogurt containers, to Tupperware containers, to mini oreo pots, to mini sultana packets) with different edible (note:  edible does not equate to delicious) items (I used things such as pickled onions, dry weetbix, lollies, celery, etc).  Then I put a piece of paper around the container (to hide its contents if necessary) with the points written on it that the challenge was worth (between 1-10 points).

On the night the kids were split into three teams (can do more or less) and were told they had to bid (silently) on one of the items.  The bid was actually the amount of seconds they thought it would take their team to consume the contents of the container (of course, having no idea what was in the container).  The lowest bidding team won the item and had to eat what was in the container (as a team, that is, they could all eat at the same time) within the time they had bid.  Failure meant no points; success meant they received the points as written on the container....  Here are some photos from the game:
Team 1 (eating dry wheet-bix)

Team 2 

Team 3 - discussing bidding tactics

Team 2 excitedly collecting their next challenge...

and trying to eat it all...

What a load of fun and a bundle of laughs, especially as the teams got crazier and crazier in their bids (3 seconds to eat a container full of dry meusli!!!) just to win the challenge!

They played  a lot more games but this is the only other one we have photos of:

The wrapping in toilet paper game...

Kirilee had a great night... and we survived did too!  Thankfully the rain stayed away just for the party (It poured briefly just before they arrived and started again as they left...phew!)

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