Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A blog moment...a blog moment!!

Well I've spent all day (whilst doing housework) procrastinating another blog post, knowing full well that I have failed yet again to keep up the blog posting momentum.  I will yet post the results of that procrastination  when I am all procrastinated uout, but in the interim my dear son decided to present me with a too-good-not-to-post moment.  So if you can excuse the poor mothering on my part which it exposes please have a giggle on my account (or Lucas' account, depending on which was you look at it :) )

What do you do when you're one, and you are sent to bed before eating the lovingly-prepared-for-you lunch, because you are just dillydallying and not eating?  You wake up with a hungry tummy, and since your mummy is pre-occupied with work (yes, work!) on the computer that she just wants to quickly get done, you decide to investigate where the aforementioned lunch could be.  Surely Mummy nicely wrapped it up for me and left it on the counter!  NO?  She what?  She put it in there?


...no problem.  Still looks good to me!




...not bad at all.  Bin's pretty airtight after all...  Actually kind of so moist and soft and squishy that I can stuff my mouth pretty full...


Yes, I found him chewing his lunch and, knowing that I had disposed of it in the bin, went to investigate.  And, for your information, I did stop him doing so after the above photo shoot (figured a few more bin germs would only build his immunity) and fed him a banana immediately to curb those hunger pangs.


Mental note to self:  Wrap the unfinished lunch next time.  He may want it when he wakes up.  Of course, naturally, next time he won't... but then at least I should feed it to the dog!

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