Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 29, 2013

Some bits

Just sharing some things we've been busy with around here in between the daily things that go on around here...

I love that the girls do their own little projects often with very little input from me (apart from the encouragement and complimenting!)

Shiana painted this butterfly for Ashlyn's wall... She painted it across 4 square canvases and then we hung it up with a 1 cm gap in between all of them.  ahem.. grrr... please don't come and measure.  When I suggested to her to paint one picture across 4 canvases, I did not think about the fun I would have hanging them (don't tell anyone about the extra holes behind those pictures) and that was with a measuring tape and all.  Who built this house? I'm sure those walls and ceilings are out by about a foot - it wouldn't have anything to do with my measuring skills.  Surely... I know what you're thinking...poor woman can't even take a photo straight :)

Then she painted these for her purple loving older sister.  The uneven hanging is not me.  Really.  This time the canvases were out.  Honest...

And this painting mistake masterpiece became an earring holder for Ashlyn...

Kirilee loves to sew and crochet and often comes out of our study   sewing room with a project or two like this one:

or this addition to some old shorts/or was that jeans???...


 or a beanie for her brother...

which he is very reluctant to wear...


I recently picked up some clearance upholstery fabric with an extra 40% off from Spotlight and this meant I could recover our dining chairs.  It was really easy to do, much easier than I thought, especially since the base of the chairs is removable with just 4 screws.  The most labour-intensive thing was removing the old staples, but after that it was super easy and the chairs look so much better for less than $20!  My sister recently (well some time ago, now) did her chairs and I figured that if she could, so could I!  (Well that works with some things, but not all :) )

The old vinyl...tearing and ripping and well, just old...


...aah, much better...

And with a bit of leftover material, the old ikea chair that we bought from a garage sale a few years back, with a white-turned-brown-and-ripping cover, could be recovered too.  I even used the old zippers.  Not difficult either (I just pulled the old one apart to use as a pattern) and what an improvement (though I did not take a before photo, so you'll have to imagine the old one)...


And now I've just wasted too much time posting these photos.  Just think of what I could have been accomplishing otherwise.  Sigh.


  1. We'll know where to go when we want some wall decorations and other repairs done. Very nice Shiana & Kirilee. A pity the school holidays are finished, no more time for craft and painting. BK

  2. Great great projects. Love the paintings and the crochet addition to the shorts!!

  3. I loooove those paintings Shiana - The butterfly one is awesome!! Shorts are cool to Kirilee:)

  4. the best things I've found for hanging pictures is Velcro Picture Hanging Strips (made by Command brand). They are available in Kmart and a number of other shops. They don't require tools (no holes in wall!!) and make it easy to get pictures straight. You just end up with a few pencil marks on the wall behind the pic! Worth trying once!!

  5. Hi Nat! I nearly missed this one...it went to my old email address, which I didn't know was still active through webmail;
    Clever girls, all of you,

    1. Hi, Mum...Changed it now and added Ros's too!