Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Birthday time...

Birthday time again in our household.  Ashlyn Elise - 8 years old on 24 August...and this is what we did...

Awake at 6am in the attempt to put together the trampoline birthday present before she awoke. Unsuccessful.  What was I thinking?  That our birthday girl would actually sleep in on her birthday?  Yeah, right.  So outside at 6:30, with birthday girl inside watching movie, under the guise that there was something to be readied for the party (to be held later in the day).  No.  'twas not a lie. 'twas something they would use on the party, right?!

Well, aforementioned trampoline was erected and birthday child was duly surprised by her Dad, by being dumped on it with her eyes closed.  The safety net, etc, was erected some time later in the day...just so you know that we are safety conscious here ahem ...

...other presents were received with joy...

...and given with joy...initially...

...until it was realised that none of them were for him, which resulted in a few tears and understanding cuddles from a  giggling sympathetic Mum...

'twas (I think that's my word today) going to be a simple affair with just 4 friends, but somehow it evolved into a colour coordinated beauty salon (run by Shiana and her friend, Chloe) followed by a raclette/gourmet dinner (under the control of Kirilee and yours truly).  Birthday cake (shhh....stolen from my cousin's cake photo on her facebook page - thanks, Erica!) was made by Kirilee.  Balloons, though all helium-held-up looking, are actually taped to the ceiling (also not my idea, but borrowed from my sister - thanks, Denise - who I think borrowed it from someone else - thanks, someone else!).  When will I ever have an original idea??

And here are the princesses...
Dinner was followed by the cake for dessert, and the sparkling candle was pretty cool...

...and then it was home time (driving time for Lucas - as a back seat driver, of course - and me, and clean up time for the rest of them)  worked that out well, hey? - thanks, family!

'twas (there it is again) a lovely day!  We are blessed!


  1. Your blogs in and of themselves are "original ideas".
    What a wonderful day! And how very skilled you ALL are in giving a memorable birthday party.

  2. Too funny...I had this cake chosen for Shakira's birthday on Sunday as well!! I think we shared the octopus cake a few years back too :) Can you tell me how many kit-kats you needed to use for the outside fence? Hope you are keeping well!! Looks like you had a lovely birthday for Ashlyn. Love Claire xx

    1. Hi Claire - we did share the octopus cake (but as I remember it yours looked way better than mine!). That is funny! Being Dutch and all I bought the woolworth select brand and I think I bought about 3 pkts but there were quite a few left over (I am not sure how many as the kids kind of got into them) and it was a large cake (2 550g pkt chocolate cake in a large spring form pan)! I'll be checking out your blog for your version - better not be better than ours!!!! xxx

    2. Okay - that's great! Thanks Nat. I might need to make sure my cake pic doesn't end up on my blog now :) Have a lovely weekend. Xx