Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Blessed Christmas to you all...

From us  to you and yours:  A blessed Christmas. 

 May the true JOY and PEACE
 of knowing JESUS CHRIST as your LORD 
and SAVIOUR be yours
 this Christmas time and in 2014.

The blog has been neglected.  Alas.  Yet again.  But Christmas time seems the perfect time to make amends also in the blogging world.  I have excuses.  But I don't need excuses. Really.  I don't. But just in case you're wondering why this blog space has been so quiet in the last few months, well...for a large part of the last 2 terms I have been filling in at school here in Albany, running (and teaching many of) the high-school English classes. It's been a busy time.  Trying to get back into (it's been a long time) the swing of lesson planning and marking, etc.  It's been a bit sad leaving my little man at my Mum and Dad's (where he was sooh happy, thankfully, and apparently so well-behaved) 3 times a week, rather than being at home with him.  But sometimes the Lord calls us to do things that we are really not feeling that up to doing, and He gives us the strength to do them! And it was a good experience.  It was fun to be back in the classroom.  It was tiring, but rejuvenating at the same time, in a strange kind of way.  And it made me remember:  Blogging, writing, doing fun things is a blessing, a privilege - something not to be taken for granted either.  And it made me remember that I don't need excuses.  Sometimes life gets crazy and that's okay.  Blogging isn't life.  It's fun -both writing and reading blogs -  But the real life is what happens every day.... those struggles, those joys, that work, that blessing, the big things and the small things.... and blogging about them is good, it can be wholesome, but it doesn't change their reality, or add to their reality or make them more real.

After that lengthy intro...what I really just wanted to do was share with you some small snippets from our life in 2013:

This is us...photo was taken in Bali where we were blessed to spend two weeks in October.  It was so good to just relax together as a family.  It also helped to cure some of our itching feet, for a time anyway.  Not that we aren't content with our lives in Albany - we are - but sometimes we still find ourselves wondering when we are heading on a new adventure... (yes, I know, life is an adventure...but...)

Some more Bali photos:

Here are our two oldest girls....Kirilee and Shiana (photo also taken in Bali).  Kirilee has just finished year 9 and recently started her first job - working part time at a Fish and Chip shop just up the road from our house.  She loooves to sew and spends many hours in our sewing room.  If she is not in the sewing room she will be found in the kitchen, begging to try another cake recipe, or a different meal idea.  I am usually very happy to oblige.  

Kirilee and her Dad...

Shiana just keeps growing and growing and has overshot Kirilee in height.  I am just waiting for her to stretch past me now!  She looves horses, has lessons every Friday and is thrilled to have a couple of her horse-riding teacher's horses in our paddock.  She gets to ride whenever she wants and gets to spend time just enjoying them.  She also loves to read, do crafty things and bake (when her mother allows her...as the clean-up afterward is usually rather dramatic :) ) 

And our youngest daughter, Ashlyn....She's had a pretty good year.  She's slowly maturing and she sure is growing taller too.  She loves any imaginative play and our playroom is transformed from a car, to a plane, to a class-room, to a library, to a shop, to a beauty parlor about 100 times a day.

And then there's our little man who just turned 2.  He never fails to amaze and entertain us!  He looves cars and trucks and trains and anything boyish and will just lay on the floor watching their wheels go round and round.  He loves to talk, and some of his favourite lines/words are: "NOT FUNNY", "MY DO IT", "DELICIOUS", "DISGUSTING".  He loves to have fun with his siblings and is just a bundle of joy.  We are so thankful for this little guy (we are thankful, of course, for all our children)!

 So many wonderful blessings from the hand of a Gracious God. What a wonderful way to go forward into 2014...knowing that His Hand is All-Powerful and that He knows what He is doing.  Always.  And it is always for our good even when we fail to understand it.  May He bless us all in 2014!